10 Unexpected Smartphone Functions You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

It’s been calculated that we use our smartphones for more than 4 hours a day on average. But being creatures of habit, we very often use the same functions and don’t even explore the most interesting, useful, and unexpected opportunities on our phones. Meanwhile, the developers of smartphones and different apps have implemented the most amazing ideas many times drawing inspiration from scientific fantasies.


We found and tried some really cool tricks that our smartphones were hiding and that can be useful in different life situations. At the end of the article, there’s a bonus that will tell you how to extend your phone’s lifespan.


1. Project augmented reality map onto your car’s windshield.

If you are driving in the dark, in a fog, in the rain, or simply in an unknown location, install Hudway on your phone, set the destination point, and place your phone on the dashboard. Your smartphone will project the map with the support of GPS right onto the windshield without requiring any additional equipment.


2. Your phone can read bar codes.

And QR-codes too. All major stores have free barcode readers that can process the information received. Here are 2 main reasons why it’s cool:

  1. You can scan barcodes on most of the packages that are a part of the USPS, UPS, and FedEx systems and automatically transfer this information to your gadget.
  2. You can get more information about a product in apps like RedLaser that can check whether there is a more reasonable price available at other stores.

3. Your phone can work with a telescope.

This is a simple but useful small trick that many of us are unaware of. Put the phone lens directly to the telescope, and you will be able to capture the enlarged image from the other side. This trick works with binoculars too.

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