18 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life and Didn’t Even Know It

This article is about things that we do all the time. Apparently, our entire life we’ve been doing them the wrong way, while a much easier solution was right there under our nose. Most of these tricks are so simple, but most of us never knew they existed. Be prepared to re-evaluate things you have been doing for years.


When we  found out about these tricks, we were somewhere between shock and disbelief. As it turns out, we’ve been approaching the most simple everyday things all wrong and there are much easier and more convenient ways to do them.

1. Peeling bananas

Most people peel their banana from the top part, which is wrong. The best way to peel a banana is from the bottom, so you don’t squeeze the fruit. In fact, monkeys apparently figured this out a long time ago.


2. Getting Tic Tacs out of the container

There is actually something inside the lid of the Tic Tac container that will help you get just one piece out, instead of half the box. Flip the box over, then turn it on its side, and gently open it. The lid is specifically designed to hold one individual Tic Tac.


3. Cooking pot

You’re supposed to use the hole in the pot handle to hold your spoon while cooking. Wow, our moms never told us that.

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