9 Little-Known Ways to Use Paraffin Wax

When you hear “paraffin wax,” the first and probably the only association you have is with candles. You’re most likely thinking, “Well, it’s just wax — nothing too fancy.” It may surprise you, but paraffin wax can be used in many different ways as it’s great for lubrication and insulation, and it can be used as a cosmetic treatment.


We selected a few uses and benefits of paraffin wax to share with you.


1. Preserve jams

You may have your own garden that produces lots of fruits and berries or you may just prefer making your own jams. Either way, homemade jams normally have less sugar and no other preservatives compared to the commercial ones and that’s why they can go bad very quickly. The way to prevent it is to seal it so that it’s not exposed to air.

  • Only use food grade wax;
  • Melt the wax;
  • Slowly pour the melted wax over your jam and rotate the jar to make sure that the paraffin seals it completely.

2. Seal bottles

If you make your own wine, oil, or something else that you want to store in bottles, you can use wax to seal it.

  • Melt the wax;
  • Put some sellotape around the neck of the bottle. This will allow you to break the wax seal and open the bottle easily when you need to;
  • Dip the bottle into the melted wax and spin it so that the wax covers all of the sides.
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