According to his admission, the stereotypical grey aliens with bulbous heads and dark, almond-shaped eyes are actually the good guys. The malevolent ones are tall, brown and “they smell.” Sounds like a reptilian description so the man’s story checks out.

When the vlogger asked how the aliens –good and bad– manage to bridge the immense gap between their worlds and ours, the military man told him their ships were advanced enough to generate power out of vacuum. The fabled zero point energy that would solve all of our power needs is in the hands of extraterrestrials and the government has been shaking hands with them for a long time.

The UFOs seen by the former employee use that energy to power a device mounted at the front of their craft capable of warping spacetime in such a manner that interstellar travel is achieved almost instantaneously. Whistleblowers like Bob Lazar have made public similar claims pertaining to the way E.T. travels, so there might be some truth behind the drunken admission of a man who’s allegedly seen aliens and their machines.

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