25 Celebrities Who Have Drastically Changed In The Past Years

Celebrities change appearances on a consistent basis; this is not really a secret. However, some celebrities have gone through some drastic transformations all in a relatively short period of time. It’s understandable seeing as they are constantly in the eyes of the public being scrutinized on appearance and behavior. Nevertheless, some of these transformations are so distinct, that you may find yourself doing a double take just to make sure you are looking at the same person. Here are 25 Celebrities Who Have Drastically Changed In The Past Years.


Kelly Osborne

Kelly OsborneImage: emgn.com

Kelly Osborne´s transformation is one of the most impressive celebrity changes in recent years. Apart from completely changing her hair style and outfits, she also lost a lot of weight.


Miley Cyrus

Miley CyrusImage: www.premiumoutlet24.cz

There’s no denying the “Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus” transformation. Not only has her look changed, but her music and behavior have as well with numerous controversial moments and scandals.


Justin Bieber

Justin BieberImage: buzzfeed.com

Another young singer and teen idol, Bieber has grown into an adult very quickly. Changes in his appearance are intensified by multiple tattoos, a new haircut and a new dress style.

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