13 Crazy Breast Hacks We’re Thankful For

The average breast size is a 36C. 310,444 American women augmented their breasts in 2016. This is one of the most popular hacks for breasts that is not considered to be safe. Let’s talk about other tricks!


Women’s breasts are defined by many nuances like their size, their shape, their firmness, and even the bras that are suitable for them. And now we have a hack for each of these topics!

We are ready to share some secrets that will make your bust look perfect.


1. Contouring to make your breasts look bigger

The right makeup can work magic. With its help, you can increase your breasts visually by up to 2 sizes in just few minutes. All you need is a concealer that is darker than your natural skin tone, a powder, and a highlighter.

  • Lift your breasts and contour above them. Apply some of the concealer down the line of your collarbones as well.
  • Apply highlighter to the open areas of your décolleté. Blend all the contours in.
  • Go back over the contours with a darker powder. To open up areas apply a highlighting powder. Blend it all in. cool stuff
  • At the end use a makeup setting spray and your “bigger” breasts are ready to go.

2. DIY bra for a backless dress

In order to hide your bra you’ll need a thread, a needle, some scissors, an elastic band, and an old bra. You’ll need to cut off the parts with hooks and eyes from the old bra. Then sew them to the edges of the elastic band. After this attach the band to the bra that you’re going to wear.

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