‘Earth Must Be Warned!’ – French Astronaut’s Chilling Warning Resurfaced This Week(VIDEO)

Sources have reported that Dr. Haigneré’s work at the Pasteur Institute was of a rather esoteric nature. Some have even claimed that she was working on researching involving human and alien DNA. After several years at the Pasteur Institute, it was widely reported that Dr. Haigneré was taken to hospital after taking a huge overdose of sleeping pills. She was conscious upon arrival but had to be forcibly restrained as she fought against doctors, screaming “Earth must be warned!” Shortly after that, she lapsed into a coma. Check the Video on the Next Page ;

Immediately after this extraordinary scene, it was reported that there was a mysterious fire which has never been properly explained by workers at the Pasteur Institute which has raised suspicions that Dr. Haigneré came across something groundbreaking and deeply disturbing in the course of her research. However, if this is the case, Dr. Haigneré is not willing to speak publicly about it anymore. She has blamed her suicide attempt on ‘burnout syndrome’ and has now moved on to the directorship of the largest science museum in Europe, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

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