4 Known Alien Species Have Been Visiting Earth

I am well aware that just because somebody (no matter what their ‘position’) says something to be true, does not mean it’s true. Exceptions, however can be made if there is evidence that goes beyond their words and correlates with what they say. At the end of the day, you have to listen to what [...]

25 Rich And Famous People That Ended Up Poor

It’s hard to believe that famous people can end up being poor. Still, it happens. From lavish spending to expensive divorces, you might be surprised how fast a celebrity can burn through millions of dollars. It seems to always catch us off guard when we hear about the latest famous person falling from grace and [...]

Celebrities Who Changed After Pregnancy, and They’re Totally Cool About Their Looks

A perfect Hollywood celebrity look is made up of a thoroughly thought-out wardrobe, excellent makeup and hairstyle, and a flawless body. It seems like right after giving birth these beautiful women are ready to conquer a runway or a red carpet and show off their perfect bodies. However, it’s not that easy to get your fit body back in just a month, even if you have enough money and time [...]

20 Shocking Pics of Celebrities Without Makeup

In order for celebrities to look good on stage and off stage they need lots of makeup and concealers. Believe it or not the hollywood stars have acne and blackheads just like normal people. They use primers and bronzers to cover them up. Do you honestly think that the stars have beautiful long lashes? Of [...]

Celebrities Who Rock Their Body Flaws

Short legs, no obvious waistline, extra weight… None of these are a problem for some of the brightest celebrities of today. They don’t let their “flaws” get in the way of achieving great things in their careers and in their personal lives.   We have collected photos of 7 amazing celebrity women who consider the imperfections of their bodies to be part of their image.   7. Emilia Clarke The star [...]

The Drastic Difference Plastic Surgery Makes on Celebrities of the Same Age!

If we have a look at Julia Roberts and Pamela Anderson, we can hardly believe they’re the same age. Julia has never had plastic surgery while Pamela is quite the fan of plastic. Of course, it’s up to them to decide, but it’s interesting to compare celebrities who aren’t afraid of aging with celebrities who will do anything to avoid these changes.   Let’s compare celebs of the same age who have [...]

25 Celebrities Who Have Drastically Changed In The Past Years

Celebrities change appearances on a consistent basis; this is not really a secret. However, some celebrities have gone through some drastic transformations all in a relatively short period of time. It’s understandable seeing as they are constantly in the eyes of the public being scrutinized on appearance and behavior. Nevertheless, some of these transformations are [...]

8 Signs You Are Suffering From Depression Without Even Knowing About It

Depression is sometimes called “the plague of the 21st century.” Studies show that it is actually a medical condition that can be treated like any other disease. However, the first step to get rid of the problem is to understand that your condition is actually depression and not something else. There are certain alarm bells you should know about to be able to identify it correctly. We would like to provide [...]

What Are the Most Popular Jobs Among Psychopaths?

Psychopaths are secretive, cunning and they often seem completely normal on the outside — that’s why sometimes it’s impossible to spot them out. But most of the time, these kinds of people have only one thing in common: their career. Kevin Dutton, a British psychologist and writer, has been studying psychopathy for many years. Based on his research and thorough analysis, he wrote the [...]