10 Phrases That Can Spoil Your Relationship With Your Boss

The most common reason for a divorce is usually “our personalities didn’t match,” while the most common reason for being dismissed from a job is “I wanted it to happen.” But in both cases, a bunch of problems and mistakes are hidden behind those words. And though there have been many articles and a lot of research revealing mistakes in romantic relationships, the ’employee-employer’ relationship has still yet [...]

7 Psychological Rules That Can Make Your Life Shine Brighter

Professor Martin Seligman, one of the founders of positive psychology, conducted a significant number of researches to prove that this type of psychotherapy can help people live a pleasant life by bringing out their strengths. It makes individuals feel happier by encouraging them to live with a positive philosophy. We have gathered 7 fundamental rules that can help you fight depression, have better physical health, and higher achievement. [...]

Psychologists Tell Us How to Be Part of the 8% of People Who Always Reach Their Goals

According to studies, 92% of people don’t reach their goals. But at the same time, there are many examples of people who managed to become successful and we hear about them often. The secret of their success is in their ability to set clear goals. It’s the correct and clear goals that are the first step to success. In fact, it’s not difficult to do it. There are special [...]