25 Rich And Famous People That Ended Up Poor

It’s hard to believe that famous people can end up being poor. Still, it happens. From lavish spending to expensive divorces, you might be surprised how fast a celebrity can burn through millions of dollars. It seems to always catch us off guard when we hear about the latest famous person falling from grace and going broke. Curious to see who these famous people are? 

These are 25 rich and famous people that ended up poor.

25. Harry and Molly Dotey

no moneySource: http://www.appalachianhistory.net/2016/08/dotey-familys-going-from-riches-to-rags.html

Old patriarch Calvin B. Dotey amassed an amazing fortune from iron and was well known during his time in the 19th century. Unfortunately, his children Harry and Molly squandered all of their inheritance, buying up famous paintings, expensive clothes, and tons of toys. Their lavish lifestyle came to a screeching halt when the money dried up and they both died penniless. Harry died in an insane asylum and Molly died in an old woman’s home.

24. Francis Ford Coppola

ffcSource: http://articles.latimes.com/1992-07-01/business/fi-1253_1_latest-bankruptcy-filing

Famous director Francis Ford Coppola who directed both The Godfather and Apocalypse Now ended up bankrupt not once but three times in a nine-year period. In his third bankruptcy, he owed a long time partner $71 million. Many of his financial woes come from financing his films out of pocket with very little return.

23. Cyndi Lauper

lauperSource: http://popcrush.com/cyndi-lauper-bankrupt-celebrities/

Cyndi Lauper, the pop star who sang “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” ran into money trouble early in her career. Her band’s first album tanked and her manager sued them for $80,000. Not having that kind of cash, she filed for bankruptcy while she worked at the GAP. However, once her pop career took off, her stars changed.

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