Having a glimpse into the latest declassified UFO files and high ranking government officials statements, we are witnessing how UFO phenomenon all of a sudden becomes a reality.

It is difficult to envision that we are alone in this enormous universe, particularly after high ranked officials recently showed up in broad daylight with proclamations that we are not the only one in this boundless universe, also that we already have effectively established contact with extraterrestrial species.

Dimitri Medvedev, the Russian prime minister, in 2012 made an announcement shortly after his interview that was broadcast live on 5 tv stations. The Russian ex-president uncovered to a journalist that every leader of the Kremlin is given two envelopes with classified data in regards to the visit of extraterrestrial creatures.

It didn’t take long for his words to be shared in mass across all the media and social networks which caused great interest in the general public. After all, he is a high-level official that publicly acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations during the presidential mandate.

In an interview for Sputnik, in 1980 a famous Russian astronaut Yevgheni Krunov gave a statement that he wont deny the existence of UFOs, they are more than just optical illusions, even some of their characteristics, such as they are something other than optical deceptions, even some of their qualities, for example, the quick difference in flight course at a 90 degree edge offers us a considerable measure of something worth mulling over.

Another observer of this various bizarre and baffling phenomena is another Russian space explorer, Ghenadie Strekalov. He portrayed a marvel saw on September 28, 1980, during his day shift on the Mir space station: a flying dish above the Earth, at an altitude of 20-30 km, around Newfoundland. The atmosphere was clear and the permeability was flawless, so he could look for around 10 seconds how the circle was moving delightful distinctive shades, and afterward vanishing in the space.

As indicated by publicly released data releases, in the time of 1952 alone have been examined and affirmed 100 UFO phenomena with no intelligent clarification, that were enlisted and named in the CIA chronicles as “inexplicable”. 

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